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Inspectors return various in-game information.


Check individual pages for more information.

Name Parameters Description Return Value Date Actioned
Inspect.Ability.Detail identifier (string) or identifiers (table) Returns a table of information on an ability, or abilities. detail (table), details (table)
Inspect.Ability.List none Returns the current player's ability list. table
Inspect.Achievement.Category.Detail category or categories Returns information about achievement categories. table Added 25 October 2011
Inspect.Achievement.Category.List none Returns a lookup table of valid achievement categories. table Added 25 October 2011
Inspect.Achievement.Detail detail or details Provides detailed information about achievements. table Added 25 October 2011
Inspect.Achievement.List none Returns a lookup table of all known achievements. table Added 25 October 2011
Inspect.Addon.Cpu none Returns recent CPU usage. table
Inspect.Addon.Current none Returns addon identifier. string
Inspect.Addon.Detail addon (string) or addons(table) Provides detailed information about loaded addons. detail (table), details (table)s Added 07 October 2011
Inspect.Buff.Detail identifier (string) or indentifiers (table) Returns a table of information on a buff or buffs. detail (table), details (table)
Inspect.Buff.List unit Returns a table of current buffs on the unit table
Inspect.Cursor none Returns the current contents of the cursor. type (string), held (variant) Added 09 November 2011
Inspect.Documentation 1. item (variant) or item (string)
2. parseable (boolean)
Provide documentation on items in the addon environment. documentables (table), documentation (string), documentationTable (table) Added 09 August 2011
Inspect.Item.Detail elements (table), item, itemtype, slot Provides detailed information about items. item (table), items (tables) Added 09 November 2011
Inspect.Item.Find slot (item), slots (table) Finds a slot specifier based on an item ID. slot, slots (table), Added 09 November 2011
Inspect.Item.List none / slot / slot / table Generate a list of item IDs from a slot specifier or set of slot specifiers. table / item / table / table Added 25 October 2011
Inspect.Mouse none Returns information about the current mouse position and button state. table Added 09 August 2011
Inspect.Shard none Returns information about the current shard. table Added 21 September 2011
Inspect.System.Language none Returns the game client language string Added 21 September 2011
Inspect.System.Secure none Returns the client's current secure mode. secure (boolean) Added 07 October 2011
Deprecated. See Inspect.Time.Frame and Inspect.Time.Real
none Returns amount of seconds from an arbitrary point in time. Guaranteed to be non-negative. number Removed 09 August 2011
Inspect.Time.Frame none Returns The game time of the last frame. time in seconds (number) Added 09 August 2011
Inspect.Time.Real none A high-resolution realtime timer. Not measured in the same timespace as Inspect.Time.Frame. time in seconds (number) Added 09 August 2011
Inspect.Unit.Castbar unit or units Provides detailed information about a unit's castbar. detail (table), details (table)s Added 21 September 2011
Inspect.Unit.Detail unit or units Returns a table of details for either a single unit or all requested units. The key is the unit ID or unit specifier, the value is the unit's detail table. table Added 29 June 2011
Inspect.Unit.List none Returns the list of units known to the client. Includes party/raid members and any pets & targets. table Added 29 June 2011
Inspect.Unit.Lookup unit (unit) or units (table) Converts unit IDs to unit specifiers and vice-versa. unit (unit) or units (table) Added 29 June 2011
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