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How to create your very own addon! Click on the text to get a relevent picture.

Lets look at the Public Test Shard (PTS) RIFT Client you have. You should log in to the character select screen, where you will notice an "AddOns" button.

Rift AddOn Window

Next, click on the "Open Directories" Button.

Open Directories Window

Next, lets create a couple of new text files.

Create files

Name those two text files "Core.lua" and "RiftAddon.toc" (RiftAddon.toc has to be exact as far as I know).

Rename files

Lets fill the RiftAddon.toc file with some information. Identifiers; Names (Name of the addon); Description (What players see when they highlight it in game); Author (Your name); Version (Any number is fine); Email (Your email, for Trions purposes); Environment (Has to be 1.3 for now); And RunOnStartup (A table including the name of the file to run on startup).

Identifier = "Test"
Name = "Test"
Description = "This is my Test AddOn"
Author = "My Name"
Version = "1"
Email = "[email protected]"
Environment = "1.3"
RunOnStartup = {

Next, lets fill up the lua file you made with some lua command. To make it easy, enter print("Hello World!") into the file, then close and save your addon files.

print("Hello World!");

Next, create a new folder named anything you want, and put the files into that folder (This is in the same directory, this just groups up the two files into one folder, so it is one unique addon).

Lastly, click refresh in game, and view your addon!

Rift AddOn Window - With your Test

Source: hp94

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