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Each of your soul sets will have different needs in terms of items to be shown by nkRebuff. This need is addressed by the nkRebuff sets. Each of these sets is basically a collection of buffs, debuffs and cooldowns to be handled. There is no limit to the number of sets. This allows you to build special sets for special purposes like for example reminding you about a certain debuff one boss gives you.


Creating a new set

Creating a new set is done on the generic settings part of the configuration. There you'll find a button called 'add set'. Simply click on that button to create a new set. That new set will be automatically activated for configuration so the dropdown 'current set' will change accordingly.

Next you will want to give that set a better name. Do so by clicking on the small pencil next to the 'current set' dropdown. This will switch the dropdown into edit mode and you can type in the name you like. Confirm the new name by hitting the Enter key and the name will be stored and the field switch back to a dropdown.

If you have an existing set and want another one which is only slightly different you can copy the existing set using the button 'copy set'. This will create an exact duplicate of the existing set.

Of course you can also delete an existing set by selecting it in the 'current set' dropdown box and then clicking on the button 'delete set'.

Changing the active set

Using nkWardrobe

You can change the set by a number of different ways. The most convenient way to switch nkRebuff sets is to use my other addon nkWardrobe. With that addon you can set up everything that's important for a specific soul including switching your equipment. While of course you can do the same using a macro the addon removes the need for having all the various macro buttons on your action bar. If you don't want to maintain 6 different macros I recommend to take a look at nkWardrobe.

Command line option

In case you just want to change the nkRebuff set and nothing else, use the command line option /nkr set=# where # is the set number. While you work with set names in the configuration each set also has a number. # simply means the nth set. In order to activate the first set you will need to type /nkr set=1. If you enter a wrong set number the addon will tell you so.

If you use a macro to switch role and equipment set you can include the command to also switch to the corresponding nkRebuff set. For example the macro could be something like this:

\role 1 \loadequip 1 \nkr set=1

(nk) Button

Another way to switch the nkRebuff set is through the (nk) button. Once sets have been configured you can access them directly by left clicking the button. In the nkRebuff sub menu of that button you'll see all of the sets. Simply left click on one to activate it.

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