NkRebuff - Using it as a regular buff addon

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The normal mode of nkRebuff is to show icons for buffs, debuffs etc. which are missing. If a buff, debuff, etc. is applied the icon will not be shown. If the remaining time of the buff, debuff, etc. is less than the configured value it will start showing and a counter will indicate the remaining time. This behaviour is bascially the opposite of regular buff addons which show you buffs etc. which are active and will not show missing things.

If for some reason you want nkRebuff to work the exact same way as a regular buff addon you can do so. This however only applies to buffs on you and your target. The so-called reverse mode is activated on a 'per-buff' base and you do so in the advanced configuration dialog. In there activate the setting 'reverse mode: show if active' and that icon will be shown as long as it's activate and be removed from the bar as soon as it's not longer active.

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