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One of the most important things nkRebuff does is warn you about buffs, debuffs etc. which are about to run out. To make these warnings even more visible you can use the warning bar by setting the option 'seperate bar for expiring' in the generic settings section.

If the warning bar is used items which are about to run out will be shown on a seperate bar. You can make that bar more visible by using a larger scale and position it more central on the user interface. This way you'll never again miss a buff, debuff, etc. you need to renew.

Once a buff, debuff etc. has run out the icon will be moved from the warning bar to it's regular bar and be dispayed there. If you don't use the warning bar at all, items which are about to run out will be show up on their regular bar and their remaning time be displayed.

In case you use the warning bar, but don't want some items to show up on there you can do so using the advanced setings.

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