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nkRebuff allows you to track buffs on your current target. This is very helpfull in situations where you want to see what buffs and heal-over-time effects are active on your target. For this to work you'll need to follow a couple of simple configuration steps. It is important to note that you can only track buffs on your current target. If you switch your target nkRebuff will re-calculate what's missing for that new target and display the corresponding items on the bar.

First of all it's important to know that nkRebuff uses a specific bar for tracking buffs on your target. You can change the design of that bar in the 'Buffs target' section of the configuration.

If you haven't done so visit the 'healing test dummy' in your city and start throwing out those buffs and hots so that nkRebuff can learn what you can do. As soon as you're done with this open configuration and go to the 'tracking' section. In theire change the selection box to 'buffs - target'. Activate all the buffs and hots you want to track and open the advanced configuration for each of these. In there activate the option 'reverse mode: show if active'.

That's all there is to do! From now on everytime you target a player nkRebuff will look if that player has any of the configured buffs and / or hots applied by you. If so they will show up on the bar.

I suggest that you deactivate the 'show only in combat' in the generic settings so that you can monitor the buffs and hots on your target if you're not in combat.

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