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Installation of the addon works like any other Rift addon. You can download it at RiftUI following this link [1] and install it in the /Rift Game/Interface/Addons directory. The addon does not have any dependencies and comes with it's own libraries. So in case you want to update the addon you can simply re-install it into that directory.

After you have installed the addon it will automatically start scanning for buffs and debuffs. So the first thing you will want to do after installation is to go to cast all important buffs on yourself and activate any cooldown you might want to watch later. This will automatically fill the list of buffs and cooldowns in the configuration. In order to get information about debuffs you might be able to apply, you best visit the nearest boss dummy and start casting them on it. Doing this will fill the list of debuffs you can cast.

After you have done this you can start configuring the addon. Of course you can always add more buffs, cooldowns and debuffs to the list later. Unless you deactivate the recognition module in the configuration, it will continue to learn new things as they happen. This is what you would want if you need to track buffs of other players on yourself. Only after the addon has 'learned' all buffs you need to track you can deactivate the recognition module.

Global cooldown settings

If you plan to track cooldowns and you're playing a mage please see the Basic settings page on how to change the global cooldown settings. This is very important as otherwise the addon will think that all cooldowns are used if any ability is used. For all classes which use a 1 second global cooldown the default setting will work just fine.

Telling nkRebuff what to track

Upon installation the addon will configure itself to default mode. This includes the creation of a default nkRebuff set. However the recorded buffs and debuffs will not show up on the bars until you go ahead and indivudally activate what you actuall want to have tracked. You can do this by opening the configuration and go the 'tracking' sections.

So the most important part of the initial setup of nkRebuff is to tell it which items should actually be displayed. For this switch to the 'track' section of the configuration. If you haven't already told the addon a number of buffs and debuffs you would need to do so before continuing!

In the 'track' section you are presented with a list of buffs and abilities the addon did recognise so far. At the top of the list there's a dropdown box which allows you to change the type of items displayed. You can choose from:

Selecting a setting will update the list below to show the corresponding items. If a list is empty it means that the addon did not record any related ability so far.

By default all newly recorded items are not activated (with the exception of debuffs on yourself if you didn't deactivate the auto activation of these items in the generic setting section). You can activate an item to be tracked by simply left clicking on it. You'll see that the text 'activated' will show up for the clicked item in the list. This tells you that the addon will from now on track that item for you.

If you mouse over an item the addon will show a tooltip giving you some details on that buff.

By right clicking on an item the advanced configuration dialog will show up. In there you can specify some advanced settings which can completly change the behaviour of the addon for certain items.

Search and filter options

The lists can grow quite huge over time. In order to make the lists more manageable there are a number of options available. The most obvious one is the search box. Click into it and start typing the name of the item you're looking for. The addon will then search for that name and re-position the list if the name was found. The search is case insensitive and also support searching for partial names.

Another option available is to specify the priority of items. All newly recorded items get a priority of 10 and the lists are sorted by priority. You can change the priority of an item in the advanced configuration dialog. Also you can re-sort the list to a different column by clicking on the columns title.

You can filter the list down to only show the activated item by toggling the checkbox 'only activated'. Using this you can easily see which items you have activated for your current set.

Last but not least you can filter the list down to the list of abilities the addon *thinks* you can cast in your current soul set. This is done using the 'only for current role' checkbox. However this is not perfectly accurate. Also this filtering is always related to your current soul set. So if you've activated a DPS soul set the addon will not know anything about your healing or tank abilities and therefor will not be able to filter the list correctly.

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