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Before you will see anything the addon has to be set up through the configuration screen. Once you have set it up, it will create a couple of bars to display icons on. Each bar is serving an unique purpose:

These bars will not be visible until something important happens. Depending on what you want to be informed about the addon will react and show the icon (plus optionally text, stacks and remaining time information) on the corresponding bar.

Each bar works slighty differently. Please note that some of the described default behaviour can be changed through the advanced configuration settings.

missing buffs on player bar

This bar handles buffs on yourself. It is used to track any buff you cast by you or another players as well as weapon enhancements, flasks, buff food etc. It will only show buffs which you have activated in the configuration. A buffs (e.g. it's icon) will show up as soon as soon as it's missing. If a buff is active but it's remaining time is less than a configured value it will show up and a counter will show the time remaining. This will tell you that you need to renew that buff as soon as possible.

missing buffs on target bar

This bar handles buffs on your target. The display is always relative to your current target. If you switch targets the addon will recalculate what buffs are missing on that new target.

Using this bar you can only track buffs cast by yourself. You cannot track buffs or hot cast by other players on your target. As most of the bars it will only show buffs which you have activated in the configuration. The default behaviour is the same as for the 'missing buffs on player bar'. However you can change that behaviour in the advanced configuration settings.

Bascially this bar was added to the addon to help healers track their buffs and heal-over-time effects on their target. See the page Setting it up for Main Tank healing for some detailed information on how to use the addon for this.

missing debuffs on target bar

If you're regularly debuffing your target you'll want to use this bar. It handles all debuffs on your current target. Please keep in mind the bar is always relative to your current target. If you switch your target the addon will recalculate missing debuffs vs. that new target.

Again this bar will only show debuffs which you have activated in the configuration. If a debuff is missing or almost running out it will show up on the bar and tell you to renew it.

debuffs on player warning bar

In many PvE encounters and of course very much in PvP it's essential to now if a debuff has been placed on you. The standard UI doesn't do a really good job in informing you about this. That's were nkRebuff comes in to place. This bar will always tell you if a debuff has been placed on you.

If you don't need this functionality you can turn it off as a whole in the configuration screen.

By default newly recorded debuffs will be automatically activated by the addon and be shown on the bar. However you might want to use nkRebuff to only warn you about a very specific debuff to help you in a PvE encounter. You can do this by creating a specific nkRebuff set in the configuration and deactivating all debuffs except for the one or two you want to be informed about.

available cooldowns bar

Are you playing a spec where it's essential to time cooldowns to get the most out of your char? Well then this bar is what you want to use! The available cooldown bar will show all abilities which's cooldowns are ready. You can specify which cooldowns to monitor in the configuration screen.

The addon will show any ability which's cooldown is ready on the bar. If you use a cooldown the corresponding icon will dissapear from the bar. As soon as the cooldown is almost ready again it will start to show up on the bar which the remaining waiting time until ready ticking down.

active ability bar

This bar works very well in combination with the available cooldown bars. If you use a cooldown you'll normally gain a buff or another benefit which is available for a number of seconds. These will be shown on this bar as soon as you use a cooldown. This will let you know how long exactely the buff or benefit is available. As soon as the buff or benefit has run out it will disapear again from this bar.

If you don't want to use this bar you can define so in the advanced configuration settings individually per cooldown.

warning bar

If a buff or debuff needs renewal the addon will warn you about this. In order to make this 'warnings' more visible the addon uses a separate bar for this. So if for example a buff is almost running out the icon will show on this bar. As soon as something really has run out it will be move from this bar to the corresponding bar.

By default this bar is 50% bigger than the other bars. You can change the design in the configuration. See 'Changing the design of bars' on how to do this.

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