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In the generic sub section you can configure the basic settings and activate modules or functionality. Also you can maintain your various nkRebuff sets on this section of the configuration. Apart from the set handling any option you set on this screen will affect all of your nkRebuff sets and bar.

Setting Description
addon activated Untick this box if you want to deactivate the addon temporarily. The addon will do absolutely nothing as long as this option is checked.
bars locked Untick this box if you want to move the bars around the screen. See Moving the bars for more information.
show bars during config This option is activated by default and will make sure the bars are drawn while the configuration is open to help in changing the design of the bars. This option is actually useless if you de-activate the option 'show only in combat' as the bars are then always shown.

Another thing to note is that the addon automatically recognizes which bars are actually needed and will only draw these to improve performance. On top of this the bars will only show things currently missing. So in case nothing needs renewal nothing will be shown at all.

show only in combat If this option is activated the addon will only work if you're in combat. You can set up a more individual behaviour per item. See the advanced configuration for more information about this.
recognise role change This option needs to be activated for automatically switch nkRebuff sets if you switch a soul set (role). More information is available on the nkRebuff sets page.
player debuff warning If you deactivate this open the addon will no longer scan for debuffs on yourself. Turning off this option will put slightly less load on the addon and therefor improve performance. However this will also mean that the addon will no warn you about debuffs on yourself.
activate new debuffs By default newly recognised debuffs are automatically activated in the debuff list in order for them to show up on the screen. You can turn off this behaviour through this option.
buff / debuff recognition If you want to turn of the 'learning module' of the addon you can do so here. Especially in situations where there are a lot of players (e.g. invasions) turning off the 'learning module' will improve performance. Turning this option off will not affect the player debuff warning.
update interval By default the addon will only perform it's computing once per second in order to not put too much strain on your CPU. However this leads to slightly off counters as the time remaining of buffs etc is rounded. If you can live will a slightly larger impact on performance you can have the addon perform it's computations more often and it respond faster through this setting.
adjust timer Put lag on top of the update interval and you will end up having even more off timers. This leads to the interesting effect that the remaining counter can be off by up to a second. With this setting you specify a manual timer correction.
current set through this option you can change the activate nkRebuff set. Please see nkRebuff sets page for more information about sets.
assigned role For each set you can specify which role (soul set) it belongs to. This setting is only important if you activated the 'recognize role change' option. Please see nkRebuff sets page for more information about sets.
global cooldown This option is important if you want to track cooldowns using nkRebuff. The API systems fires the GCD event everytime a cooldown is used (e.g. on each ability use) This will lead to the cooldowns shortly going on cooldown and nkRebuff will simly react on this. In order for this not to happen the addon needs to now the global cooldown in place. For most classes this is 1.0 seconds which is the default. However for mages you'd need to set it to 1.5 seconds. You can do this using this option.
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