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There are a number of advanced settings which help setting up some special behaviours of nkRebuff. Allthough they are called advanced settings they are not very much complicated. You can access the advanced configuration dialog by right-clicking on an entry in the tracking listings. This will bring up the advanced configuration dialog.


Item priority

Priorities range from 1 to 10 where 10 is the lowest. Each newly recognised buff or debuff automatically gets assigned a priority of 10. In the advanced configuration dialog you can assign a lower priority to an item. At this very moment the priority setting is only used to sort the tracking item listings.

Stacks handling

Using the advanced configuration dialog it's possible to have nkRebuff react on a certain number of stacks. First of all you have to specify the condition which can be one out of:

Obviously setting it to deactivated means that the stack handling processing will not be taken into consideration when nkRebuff decides wether an item should be shown on the bars or not. The other settings are to be understood in the way of 'show if that condition applies'. In the edit field below you can specify the stack count which works in combination with the condition.

Some examples

If you play a archont mage and you'd want Pillaging Stone to be shown until the full 5 stacks have been reached, you'd need to set the condition to 'less than' and the stack count to 5.

If you play a bladedancer rogue and you'd want the stacking effect of Zardonis' Bladedancer Crystal to be shown until the full 20 stacks have been reached, you'd need to set the condition to 'less than' and the stack count to 20.

In case you'd want it the other way around and have the icons not be shown until the full stack count has been reached, simply set the condition to 'more than' and use one stack count less than maximum.

Custom remaining time

There's a generic setting for each bar specifying a maximum remanining time of items to be shown on the bar. If that maximum remaining time is reached the item e.g. the icon will show up on the bar telling you that you'll need to refresh it soon. While the generic setting per bar will cover most situations, sometimes you need to have a specific setting for one or two items. This is where this setting comes into play.

Using this advanced configuration setting you can override the default bar setting for specific items. You can set it lower or higher and nkRebuff will show the item only if the remainin duration is less than this advanced configuration setting.

Actually using this setting you'd already be able to have some items with a maximum duration of less than 60 seconds to be shown like in a regular buff addon. Simply set the maximum duration higher than the maximum duration and the icon will be shown all of the time showing it's remaining duration.

Do not show active ability

This setting is only usefull for cooldown items.

If you use a cooldown normally you can a buff or some other kind of benefit. By default nkRebuff will show the corresponding effect for it's whole duration on the active ability bar. If for some reason you just want to monitor the cooldown but not the corresponding effect you can do so by using this setting. Simply activate the checkbox for the cooldown and the resulting effect will no longer be monitored and shown by nkRebuff.

Don't use warning bar

This setting has no effect if you don't use the warning bar!

In the basic settings you can specify if you'd like items whoose remaining duration is less than the defined maximum remaining duration (either the global setting per bar or a specific setting through the advanced configuration dialog) to show up on the bar they belong to or on a special warning bar. The warning bar has the advantage that you acan make these 'warnings' more visiual by making the bar bigger and place it more central on the screen.

However maybe for some items you just don't want to use the warning bar because maybe they are of secondary importance. For these you can use the advanced configuration dialog and specify that these should not be shown on the warning bar. If you do so these items will be shown on their corresponding bar just like if you didn't use the warning bar at all.

Reverse mode

A small setting which a big impact on who nkRebuff works. Using it you can actually reverse the way nkRebuff works and have it show specify items during they complete duration and then remove the icon from the bar as soon as the buff, debuff, etc. is no longer active. If activated for an item that item will be shown like any other regular buff addon would do.

Show only in combat

This setting has no effect if the generic setting 'show only in combat' is activated.

In the basic settings you can specify wether the addon should only work in combat or all of the time. If you activate the 'show only in combat' option in the generic settings you'll not be reminded about missing buffs etc. until you enter combat. For some classes and specs this is not what you want as you might loose essential time in the fight to rebuff first. On the other hand you'd probably not want icons cluster you screen all of the time. This setting might help you there.

First of all deactivat the 'show only in combat' setting. Then for each item you still just want to show up only in combat (for example cooldowns) you then use the advanced configuration dialog to set that this item should still only be monitored in combat.

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