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What is nkRebuff

The addon was created originally for the sole reason that I was not able to find relevant buffs in the standard user interface. The first version was named nkRogue and was released in September 2011. Originally I wanted to create an addon to help me playing my rogue. However quite soon I found that with some minor tweaks the addon could be made usefull for any class.

The main use of the addon can be described quite easily: It reminds you about buffs and/or debuff which need renewal. If we go a bit more into detail, you'll find that the addon has grown quite a lot over time and offers a lot of functionality:

You can use the addon more or less out of the box with the only need for setup being that the addon needs to learn the buffs, debuffs etc. it can track and you telling the addon which of these are important. However there are many settings to adjust the addons behaviour exactly to your personal needs.

All the above can be configured in sets. Each set defines a list of buffs, debuffs and cooldowns you want to have watched. You will probably want a different set for each of your six roles. But you could also setup even more sets for very specific purposes. As there's no limit to the number of sets you can have as many as you want.

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