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The nkExtRiftWindow widget is an extension of the standard Rift API window widget. You'd probably use a Rift window widget for things like an addon configuration. There are two widgets available in nkGenie: This and it's counterpart nkExtWindow. The later will allow for some more advanced features to be used and more individual colorization, nkExtRiftWindow will fit better into the standard UI look and feel.

nkExtRiftWindow will add two main features to the stnadard Rift window implementation:

UI.CreateFrame('nkExtRiftWindow', name, parent, {})


Supported parameters

Parameter Description
title (*) The title displayed at the top of the window
width The width of the window
height The height of the window
width The width of the window
dragable Specifies if the window is dragable (true or false)
closeable Specifies if the 'X' mark is shown in the header which the user can click to close the window (true or false)
closeFunc An optional function which is called if the user closes the window. Format: closeFunc = function () ... end
anchors The position of the mask widget. See How to position widgets
layer The layer of the window versus parent
strata The strata of the window
visible The visibility of the window (true or false)

(*) Cannot be changed using :update() method

Supported Methods


This method retrieves the underlying Rift UI element.


This method retrieves the body (content element) of the window.

Other supported methods

Parameter Description
SetStrata(strata) Sets the strata of the window
setHeaderTitle(text) Sets the header title text
SetVisible() Sets the visibility state of the widget (true / false)
IsVisible() Returns the visibility status of the widget. Actually inconsistent and will eventually be changed to GetVisible()
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