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This widget is used for defining a mask object. Please see the Rift API document for more information about the mask widget itself.

UI.CreateFrame('nkExtMask', name, parent, {})


Supported parameters

The following parameters are supported for UI:CreateFrame() and frame:update().

Parameter Description
width The width of the mask widget
height The heightof the mask widget
anchors The position of the mask widget. See How to position widgets
visible The visibility state of the mask widget (true, false)
layer Sets the layer of the mask widget versus parent
layer Sets the strataof the mask widget

Supported Methods


This method retrieves the underlying Rift UI element.

Other supported methods

Parameter Description
GetVisible() Returns the visibility of the mask widget (true or false)
SetVisible(flag) Sets the visibility status of a mask widget. Valid parameter values are true and false
SetParent(object) Sets the parent of a mask widget. Use with care!
GetWidth() Returns the width of the mask widget (you could also use texture.width)
GetHeight() Returns the height of the mask widget (you could also use texture.height)
SetSecureMode(mode) Sets the secure mode of the mask widget
SetStrata(strata) Sets the strata of the mask widget
SetLayer(strata) Sets the layer of the widget
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