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I try to test my addons as much as possible and try to maintain a good quality level. However I'm only human so new versions will certainly contain bugs. If you experience bugs please let me know so I can actually fix them.

If an error message occured please include the full error message in your bug report. Sometimes a number of errors will show up. In this case please include the very first error which was shown in your chat log. The reason for this is that in most such situations only the first error is important. The other ones are then often just a consequence of the first one. Of course including the full list of errors which showed up is always the best thing to do.

Also please include a short description of what you tried to do when the error showed up. Of course in case noe error message is visible but the addon behaves in an unexpected way please let me know exactely what you tried to achieve and what you think is not working the way it should.

You can submit a bug report using my author portal at RiftUI. Please follow this link for the bug report feature: [1].

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