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Provides detailed information about a unit.



detail = Inspect.Unit.Detail(unit)   -- table <- unit
details = Inspect.Unit.Detail(units)   -- table <- table


unit: A unit, in either unit ID or unit specifier format.
units: A lookup table of the format unitID = unitSpecificer containing units to inspect.

Return values

detail: Detail table for a single unit.
details: Detail tables for all requested units. The key is the unit ID or unit specifier, the value is the unit's detail table.

Returned members

Member Description
afk Signals that the unit is AFK. Provided only for the player and the player's groupmembers.
calling The unit's calling. May be "mage", "rogue", "cleric", or "warrior".
charge Charge resource. (Mage only)
chargeMax Maximum charge resource. (Mage only)
combat The unit's combat status.
combo The unit's combo points. Provided only for the player.
comboUnit The Unit ID of the unit that the combo points have been placed on. Provided only for the player.
energy The unit's energy.
energyMax The unit's maximum energy.
faction The unit's faction. "defiant", "guardian", or nil.
guaranteedLoot Signals that this unit guarantees loot on death. Shown in the user interface as a diamond above the portrait.
guild The unit's guild.
health The unit's health.
healthCap The unit's capped maximum health.
healthMax The unit's maximum health.
id The unit type ID.
level The unit's level. May be "??" if the unit is hostile and very high-level.
locationName The name of the unit's location. Provided only for friendly players.
loot The Unit ID that has looting rights to this corpse.
mana The unit's mana.
manaMax The unit's maximum mana.
mark The mark on this unit.
name The unit's name.
nameSecondary The unit's secondary name.
offline Signals that the unit is offline. Provided only for the player's groupmembers.
planar The unit's available planar charges. Provided only for the player.
planarMax The unit's maximum planar charges. Provided only for the player or groupmembers.
player Signals that the unit is a player, not an NPC.
power The unit's power.
publicSize The unit's current public group size. nil if the group is not public. Provided only for friendly players.
pvp The unit's PvP flag.
race The unit's race. Provided only for players.
raceName The unit's race, localized. Provided only for players.
ready The unit's readycheck status.
relation The unit's relation to you. May be "hostile" or "friendly". Neutral targets will not have this member.
role The unit's role. May be "tank", "heal", "dps", "support", or nil. Provided only for the player and the player's groupmembers.
tag The unit's tags, space-separated.
tagName The unit's tags, localized.
titlePrefixID The unit's title prefix ID.
titlePrefixName The unit's localized title prefix.
titleSuffixID The unit's title suffix ID.
titleSuffixName The unit's localized title suffix.
vitality The unit's vitality. Provided only for the player.
warfront Signals that the unit has temporarily left the group to join a warfront. Provided only for groupmembers.
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