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Provides detailed information about items.



item = Inspect.Item.Detail(item)   -- table <- item
item = Inspect.Item.Detail(itemtype)   -- table <- itemtype
item = Inspect.Item.Detail(slot)   -- table <- slot
items = Inspect.Item.Detail(slot)   -- table <- slot
items = Inspect.Item.Detail(elements)   -- table <- table


elements: A lookup table of slot specifiers, item IDs, or item types.
item: A single item ID.
itemtype: A single item type.
slot: A single slot specifier.

Return Value

item: Detail table for a single item.
items: Detail tables for all requested items. The key is the string used to lookup, the value is the item's detail table.

Returned Members

Member Description
bind The item's binding type. May be "equip", "use", "pickup", or "account".
bound The item's bound flag.
category The item's type category.
cooldown The cooldown for using this item.
cooldownBegin The time the current cooldown started, in the context of Inspect.Time.Frame.
cooldownDuration Duration of the current cooldown the item is influenced by, in seconds.
cooldownExpired Number of seconds the current cooldown is past its expiration time. Generally indicates lag.
cooldownRemaining Time remaining in the item's current cooldown, in seconds.
crafter The name of the player who crafted this item.
damageDelay If a weapon, the delay between autoattacks using this weapon.
damageMax If a weapon, the maximum damage done by a single hit with this item.
damageMin If a weapon, the minimum damage done by a single hit with this item.
damageType If a weapon, the damage type done by autoattacks. Values include "life", "death", "air", "earth", "fire", and "water".
description The description of this item.
flavor The flavor text for this item.
icon Resource filename of the item's icon.
lootable Indicates that the item contains loot.
name The item's name.
range If a ranged weapon, the maximum range of this item.
rarity The item's rarity. Values include "trash", "uncommon", "rare", "epic", "relic", or "quest". Common items have a rarity of nil. See RarityColor for a function that translates this into actual RGBA values.
requiredCalling Space-delimited list of the required callings to use this item.
requiredFaction The ID of the faction required to use this item.
requiredFactionLevel The faction notoriety required to use this item.
requiredLevel The level required to use this item.
requiredPrestige The prestige rank required to use this item.
requiredSkill The skill required to use this item.
requiredSkillLevel The skill level required to use this item.
sell The sell value of this item, in silver.
slots If a container, the number of slots that this item can contain.
stack The size of this item stack.
stackMax The maximum size of this item stack.
stats The base stats of this item. Members may include "block", "critAttack", "critSpell", "dexterity", "dodge", "endurance", "energyMax", "energyRegen", "focus", "hit", "intelligence", "manaMax", "manaRegen", "movement", "parry", "powerAttack", "powerMax", "powerRegen", "powerSpell", "resistAir", "resistDeath", "resistEarth", "resistFire", "resistLife", "resistWater", "stealth", "stealthDetect", "strength", "wisdom", and "xp".
statsRune The added rune stats of this item. May contain the same members as stats.
statsRuneTemporary The added temporary rune stats of this item. May contain the same members as stats.
type The item's type specifier.
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