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Signals a change in one of the many Unit_specifier settings.

The event will give a table, containing information about the unit specifiers that have changed.

Event.Unit.Add = {Function, Identifier, Text Label}



See Working with Events for more information.

Event Table

Please note that the table often contains a default entry (false, false) which your code should ignore.


Event.Unit.Add can be used to track when a player places his mouse over a unit (ally or enemy). There seems to be a priority list used by Rift to decide which unit specifier to fire when the player moves his mouse over a unit. The default case will cause Event.Unit.Add to fire with the "mouseover" unit specifier. If the player moves his mouse over himself then an Event.Unit.Add will fire for the "player" unit specifier instead of the "mouseover" unit specifier. Similarly "player.target" and "focus" will fire instead of "mouseover" if the player moves his mouse over those particular units.


Parties and Raids are covered by the group01, group02, group03, ..., group20 unit specifiers. For parties group01 is the first person and group 05 is the 5th person. For raids group01 to group05 are the people in raid group 1, group06 to group10 are raid group 2, etc.

When you invite someone into your party an Event.Unit.Add event will fire providing a table with entries for the "player" unit specifier plus "group0*" unit specifiers for the other party members.

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